Lot 79 is an example of PPRVP's sun & shade lots. It's listed at $51,900 or monthly rental of $500.
Included in this PPRVP lot: Free Wi-Fi, Laundry, Mailbox, Library, Cable TV hook-up (subscription
service), clubhouse and heated pool. See www.paradisepinesrvpark.com for a full list of amenities.

This lot is well maintained with pavers, landscaping and a sun screen - A desirable space with shade
on the RV, yet sun on the patio, especially in the summer months. Shaded lots in this park are rare
so it's perfect for year-round or seasonal use. Offered by motivated sellers, the lot is competitively

At the back corner of the lot are two dish antennas, pre-aimed for Dish Network and Direct TV - hook
up your receiver and you're on the air. Some coaches with roof top satellite antennas often cannot
receive a signal when under trees, this solves that problem by having external antennas you can
hook up to.

951-816-5439 ask for Georgie or email Grheinbja@gmail.com